SALES COACHING for Exhibitors at Shows, Fairs & Expos

I specialize in teaching exhibitors at shows, fairs and expos “How to Work the Booth”. 

I have more than 30 years’ experience at this particular aspect of the sales game.

Most companies that exhibit at shows make substantial investments in the booth space, in displays, and in advertising, but then, when it comes to the actual interactions with prospects at the show, they just “wing it”; they think it’s enough to know their products backwards and forwards and to believe in them. 

That's certainly a great start. But there are techniques that can maximize the productivity of your booth. They’re techniques that anyone can learn, but they involve making every single word and action be calculated to move the interaction in the direction of your goal, whether that goal is making your company known, setting appointments, or even closing sales there on the show floor.

I show exhibitors how to make every word and gesture set a tone that will set them apart from every other exhibitor in every other booth at the show. 

I can teach anyone how to do this, and the investment in learning such techniques is nowhere near the amount you invest in renting and outfitting the booth itself.

One of the biggest mistakes people in business can make is to assume that the sales skills and techniques they already possess will seamlessly translate to the unique environment of the show floor; that is not the case. Even your top-producing sales people will learn something — and see a significant “bump” in their productivity — after a little coaching from me!


I can start by merely addressing your staff in a sales meeting format (with up to 20 people attending), at my introductory rate of only $150 for a 30 min. entertaining and informative meeting.

After that, you may choose to retain my services to work the booth at a show with you, and give your staff intensive, hands-on, real-time training in how to make every single word and gesture more productive. 

E-mail or call me:     913 980-4319

I’ll look forward to hearing from you and helping you!

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